Getting Started…which involves some back-tracking

Ok…well first off…thank you for looking at my blog….I promise I will try to keep it interesting. I’ve read other blogs, and quite frankly the idea bores me…I just wanted to yell “Get to the Point!”–so that what I’ll try to do…is get to, and keep to the point. I will warn you, brave reader, about 2 things….first, I ramble on–I will try to curb this, but I can’t guarantee you won’t get caught up in my rants……second, I am a bed speller.–always have been, always will be…Bad Spellers of the World Untie!–I will try to curb this too, but it probably will slip through from time to time.

This is my blog about this outfit that I decide to make. I did this drawing last year….at first it had no real teeth to it…it was a nifty idea on it’s own, but I had not the time or the gumption ( I will be inserting mildly “Southern” phrases/words from time to time–try and find them…I mean, seriously, when was last time you heard someone use the word’ gumption’?) to make it.

I had no real intention of combining the esthetics of different movies ( or sagas)…. I was wanted a Death Star Skirt that would strike fear….nah, terror,…nah, lust into the hearts of C4 Comic Con attendees.

So this was my idea…..and Death Star Gown. …not just a skirt….although Thank you Jennifer Landa–you did an amazing job on yours….so you are slightly to blame here. :/

This is where the story starts….with a drawing.

The drawing I did last year...that start this whole darn thing.

The drawing I did last year…that started this whole darn thing.


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